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Joints & Vitality Support Pack combines functional nutrition supplements that boost the health of articulations and bones as well as your body’s overall vitality. It contains articular nutrition derived from shark cartilage, 100% multivitamin in the form of effervescent tabs, Omega 3 fatty acids, 1000 mg Vitamin C tabs and a ginger shot, bundled together at a discount price. 

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Joints & Vitality Support Pack - a combination of nutrition supplement products for the best vitality and musculoskeletal system care

Joints & Vitality Support Pack contains carefully selected nutrition supplements that help maintain the good health of your body’s joints and bones, and contribute to your overall vitality. Among these products is the purely natural joint nutrition supplement derived from shark cartilage, which is highly popular among the people seeking to do the best for their musculoskeletal system. For this very purpose, we’ve also added vitamin C to the bundle, as it represents a crucial component in the formation of collagen within the body, while contributing to the proper function of cartilage and bones. Collagen is generally considered a key component in all connective tissues, which makes this main structural protein type highly important and worth maintaining at the optimum levels at all times. 


The bundle further includes 100% Multivitamin in the form of practical effervescent tabs that contain 10 main vitamins for the best health care. The omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA present in the packet are indispensable for the good health of your heart. In addition to this, DHA is well known to be important for maintaining proper brain function as well as for healthy eyesight


Last but not least, the bundle includes the purely natural ginger shot, which will be of great help to anyone seeking to boost their natural defences and health. The best way to enjoy it is on its own. However, if you find the flavour to be too potent, it can be just as well added to the hot beverage during the cold winter months.


Joints & Vitality Support Pack is ideal for everyone, whether you’re an athlete or not. Even parents and grandparents can greatly benefit from the maximum musculoskeletal system care that this product bundle provides. 


Joints & Vitality Support Pack & its advantages

  • a carefully selected bundle of products for the best joint protection and overall vitality support 
  • shark cartilage for best musculoskeletal system care
  • 100% Multivitamin in the form of effervescent tabs that contain 10 crucial vitamins 
  • omega 3 fatty acids with EPA and DHA for the vitality of your heart 
  • vitamin C for the good healthy and functioning of your bones, cartilage and natural defences
  • ginger shot with delightful flavour provides a concentrated source of nutrients


Joints & Vitality Support Pack contains

  1. Shark Cartilage - GymBeam - capsules of joint nutrition supplement for musculoskeletal care. 
  2. Vitamin C - GymBeam - 90 tablets of vitamin C with an effective dose of 1,000 mg per tablet.
  3. Multivitamin 100% - GymBeam - 20 effervescent tablets containing 10 vitamins.
  4. Omega 3 - GymBeam - 60 capsules containing 360 mg of EPA, 240 mg of DHA and 2 mg of vitamin E in one daily serving in the form of 2 capsules.
  5. Ginger Shot - GymBeam - 50 ml of concentrated ginger juice with honey, lemon juice and coconut water.
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